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Is Your Family At Risk Of Toxic Mold Exposure?

San Diego Mold Attorney – Best Mold Attorney As a San Diego mold attorney, I know there is a lot of information out there about the health effects of mold and who is most likely to be effected. Most of it, we must say, is poor information. So-called toxic mold can effect you in a […]

Mold Exposure And A Plan Of Attack

Mold Lawyer in San Diego – if you suspect your San Diego residence or place of employment has mold, this preliminary plan wil get you started. 1. Take Pictures You need to take pictures of anything that even remotely looks like mold. You will also want to take pictures of water damaged areas. When taking […]

Got A Musty Odor? Are You Sick? You Have Mold In Your Home.

San Diego Mold Lawyers – Mold can hurt you in a number of different ways. First, if you inhale the spores you may be ingesting mycotoxins which can cause numerous and serious health effects. Second, the spores may function as a irritant causing general allergic type reactions and upper respiratory symptoms. Third, mold emits a […]

California Homeowners Sue Over Construction Defects Leading To Mold

San Diego Mold Lawyer – Buyers of Skyline Homes Inc.’s manufactured houses have filed a class action in federal court, accusing the builder of failing to install protective sheeting under siding and reneging on warranty protections. Mitchell v. Skyline Homes, Inc., No. 2:09-CV-02241 (E.D. Calif.). The action was filed in June in the Sacramento County […]

Mold Attorneys Can Help You Interpret Your Mold Report

La Jolla Mold Lawyer – One of the main components of a successful mold litigation case is the mold report or sometimes referred to as the indoor air quality report. Not only is the outcome important but the manner in which the report is taken is also important. Mold Inspector If you anticipate proceeding with […]

State Of California Guidelines For Mold Remediation

California has issued some guidelines for what homeowners and renters should do if they discover or suspect they have mold in their residences. No one with a compromised immune system, a history of respiratory problems or who is sick should participate in any mold remediation. The source of moisture must be identified and all areas […]

Does Bleach Really Kill Mold?

Rancho Santa Fe Mold Attorney – The short answer is yes but with a major catch. If you take a quick look at what Clorox says about using their bleach to clean mold you will see they say it is only effective on non-porous surfaces such as counter-tops and shower walls. Well, the majority of […]

Mick Jagger’s Ex-Wife Sues Her Landlord For Toxic Mold

In 2001, noted human rights activist and ex-wife of Rolling Stone lead singer, Bianca Jagger, noticed that her health was beginning to change. Her eyes were red and watery and she was experiencing increased headaches. Then, the symptoms increased. She noticed she had difficulty breathing. She felt like she had the flu all the time. […]

Mold Detection Device Announced

Universal Detection Technology, a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrism and other infectious health threats, announced that it is expanding its product catalogue to include a consumer-ready kit for the detection of black mold. The lethal toxin can cause serious health complications, and has been linked to cancer, memory-loss and severe […]