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We all know most homeowner’s associations are cheap and are often run be non-real estate professionals.  Because of the this, necessary repairs and maintenance can be deferred to the detriment of the owners.  Our HOA toxic mold lawyers know how to battle homeowner’s associations and the board of directors. When the HOA fails to fix a roof or maintain the waterproofing, this can lead to severe water damage insider the owner’s unit.  Other times we see improper landscaping that allows water to intrude under the foundation and into the home.  Of course, years of water intrusion can lead to pervasive toxic mold.  To make matters worse, since you own the home where does the HOA think you are going to go?  If you are a renter then you can give the requisite notice and move to another rental.  But if you own the unit, does the HOA really think someone will buy it infested with toxic mold?  This is what makes homeowner’s association cases so troublesome is that the owner is a prisoner in a toxic environment without recourse!

If you suspect the common area maintenance has led to mold and water intrusion in our home, keep a look out for the following things:

  • Musty Odors
  • Visible Mold Growth
  • Peeling/Bubbling Drywall
  • Warped Flooring
  • Pooling Water Around the Foundation
  • Visible Water Damage on Exterior Stucco
  • Water Condensation in the HVAC system

Keep in mind that toxic mold can grow within 48 hours with excessive moisture and humidity.  It is critical to put the HOA on notice of any water intrusion issues and soon as you discover them.


Do not ignore problems that can lead to mold, and once mold is discovered, do not hide from it.  You may cause harm to yourself and your neighbors.  Your HOA is also in a position to help you find a way to deal with mold found in your home or condo and has certain duties once they are notified. Finally, you must hire an experienced homeowner’s association lawyer that is versed in BOTH real estate and personal injury.  Our toxic mold lawyers understand complex insurance coverage and claims issues and how to circumnavigate them to your benefit.  You need an HOA lawyer that specialized in the complex science of toxic mold claims and has the rolodex of experts you need to prevail.

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If you or a loved one was a victim of toxic mold due to an irresponsible HOA, rest assured that you likely have legal recourse. You will need to choose a quality, experienced attorney, in order to get the best outcome possible from your case. You need legal representation that will work aggressively to defend your rights.

Because HOA mold cases can be difficult to navigate, only an experienced attorney should be chosen. When you have been the victim of toxic mold due to an irresponsible HOA, be sure to call the experienced HOA attorneys at Thompson Injury Law. We will be glad to offer you a free evaluation of your case.

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