Workplace Exposure

Workplace Exposure

Exposure to toxic mold in the workplace can have serious effects on your health and quality of life.  If your employer or employer’s landlord had failed to maintain your workplace in a safe and habitable condition you may be able to recover for your injuries. The toxic mold lawyers at Thompson Injury Law know how to handle even the most complex environmental personal injury claims.  You and your family’s health is our top priority so we can recommend the best doctors in Southern California to treat your injuries.  From our San Diego office, we serve clients across San Diego, Orange and                Riverside Counties.

 Exposure to toxic levels of molds in the workplace can occur when one or all the following happen:

  • Your employer knew of significant water damage but ignored the problem
  • Your employer knew of toxic mold but was too cheap to clean it up.
  • The owner of the building knew of water intrusion but refused to clean it up
  • Damp work conditions encourage mold growth which can compromise your health

In any of these situations it is critical that you these steps in order assure you have the proper evidence to pursue a workplace toxic mold case:

  • Document all communication with employer/landlord about your concerns
  • Take pictures of all visible water damage and mold
  • Note musty odors, where you smell them and for how long
  • Get the property tested with one of our approved inspectors
  • Seek medical treatment from one our recommended doctors
  • Keep a timeline of all events since you first became aware of the problems
  • Keep a journal documenting your pain, suffering and injuries

The workplace toxic mold lawyers at Thompson Injury Law can assist you with investigation and prosecution of your claim.  Since 1976 we have been helping workers and employers receive just compensation from their employers for toxic mold claims.  Don’t let your employer poison you with toxic mold and severe water intrusion.  The injuries can be life-long.  Call our personal injury lawyers today at 619.615.0767 for a free, no-hassle consultation. 

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If you or a loved one was a victim of workplace toxic exposure, rest assured that you likely have legal recourse. You will need to choose a quality, experienced attorney, in order to get the best outcome possible from your case. You need legal representation that will work aggressively to defend your rights.

Because premises liability cases can be difficult to navigate, only an experienced attorney should be chosen. When you have been the victim of workplace toxic exposure, be sure to call the experienced attorneys at Thompson Injury Law. We will be glad to offer you a free evaluation of your case.

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