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One of the most difficult decisions any family member can make is the choice to put a loved one in a nursing home, rehabilitation facility or skilled nursing facility.  If your family members require such care, it is because they are already ill and likely have a compromised immune system.  There is so much emotion involved with a nursing home decision and then to think not only are they getting poor care but also the facility may be making them even worse. Sometimes, though, you have no choice and you need to find and choose a safe and appropriate care facility.

Recently, though, there has been some troubling news in California.  Inspectors across Southern California conducted random inspections of nursing homes and skilled care facilities which revealed water damaged buildings that had not be repaired.  They also found HVAC systems that had not been cleaned for years and suffered water damage as well.  Most troubling is that their facilities are charged with the health and well-being of our loved ones but can even simply maintain the buildings in which they are housed.  In fact, they are potentially making them sicker.

At Thompson Injury Law, our nursing home toxic mold lawyers recognize that physical elder abuse and neglect can take many forms and occur anywhere.  Our mission is to aggressively pursue those claims in which the environment has made the patient ill.  We advocate for victims and their families against nursing homes and skilled care facilities for elder abuse and neglect.  Nursing home mold cases can be extremely complicated as well as time sensitive. 

If you or your loved one notices any of the following you may have a problem at the elder care facility:

  • Strong Musty Odors
  • Peeling Paint
  • Bubbling Paint
  • Pooling Water
  • Visible Black Staining
  • Smells from the HVAC System
  • Dirty HVAC Air Ducts
  • Old HVAC Filters
In addition to these environmental factors, please keep an eye your loved one’s health.  Just because he or she may be ill does not mean you should not keep a close eye out for the following symptoms of toxic mold exposure:

  • Lung Infections
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Coughing Blood
  • Nose-Bleeds
  • Sinus Infections
  • Ear Infections
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Unexplained Rashes
  • Hair Loss
  • Increased Asthma
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

If you’ve noticed that your family member or loved one has had the symptoms of toxic mold illness you should insist that the building be inspected for mold. If you suspect that toxic mold is already in the building—if you’ve noticed signs in the bathrooms or ceilings or if they’ve recently had flooding, or there are unusual musty odors then you should insist that the facility owners or administrators call a licensed mold remediation team immediately.  If they refuse our team can have some come to nursing home or care facility immediately.

Don’t let your family member in a nursing home suffer more.  Elder abuse and neglect is real.  The toxic mold lawyers at Thompson Injury Law will fight for your loved ones and hold the nursing homes accountable for their neglect.  Call us today for a free, confidential consultation at 619.615.0767

If you or a loved one has been in a victim of toxic mold exposure contact Thompson Injury Law today.


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Because nursing home mold cases can be difficult to navigate, only an experienced mold lawyer should be chosen. When you have been the victim of a nursing home mold exposure, be sure to call the experienced mold attorneys at Thompson Injury Law. We will be glad to offer you a free evaluation of your case.

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