Real Estate Non-Disclosure


The law in California requires the sellers of real estate to disclose any fight that would materially affect the value and desirability of the subject property. This can include, although not inclusive, facts concerning the prior damage to the property, known physical defects in the property, history of water damage, dangerous conditions. If the seller fails to disclose these facts the seller may be liable for all the damage caused by the non-disclosure. On common scenario involves prior water intrusion events at the property. The seller may correct the source of the water intrusion (i.e. plumbing leak or roofing problem cracked slab) but will not correct the consequence of the problems. To save money in a competitive real estate market the seller may paint over water damaged drywall or simply dry out water damaged areas. This is not acceptable. This can lead to toxic mold growth which can seriously endanger the new owners the property. Not only is the buyer dealing with severe health effects (and probably doesn’t know why), as the owner of the home he or she is responsible for paying for the repairs.

The real estate mold lawyers at Thompson Injury Law have aggressively prosecuted claims on behalf of buyers of property in nondisclosure cases. These include cases where the buyer has been misled or not received accurate disclosures concerning the condition of the property. In any real estate nondisclosure case involving the habitability of the home, it is critical that you hire the right experts and preserve evidence. Doing this right from the beginning can make a drastic difference in outcomes. You should seek out an attorney that specializes in personal injury toxic mold real estate claims not just a run of the mill real estate lawyer. If your mold lawyer doesn’t understand the personal injury aspect of your claim then you are with the wrong lawyer. If you have discovered mold in your home you have rights.

Since 1976, the toxic mold lawyers at Thompson Injury Law have been solely representing plaintiffs in environmental exposure cases. We never represent the defendants, insurance companies our wrongdoers. We believe that our homes are sacred. We believe our homes are places to escape the troubles of everyday life, not to cause more.

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