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Experience Does Count: Our Toxic Mold Firm Was Founded In 1976

Our San Diego mold lawyers are equipped to handle anything the insurance companies can throw at us. You have to keep in mind that the insurance company, for purposes of your claim, is your enemy. The insurance adjuster will do everything in his or her power to giving the minimum amount of money possible. You need an injury lawyer that is going to have the necessary ammunition to counter any possible defenses the insurance company.  Toxic mold cases can be extremely complicated not only from a legal perspective but a medical/scientific perspective.  You need a toxic mold lawyer that understands that delicate nuiances of each case.  


“Thank you so much for everything that you did to hold my HOA responsible for the damage they caused to me and my home. You’ve made this past year a little easier to bear. Thanks so much.”

Toxic Mold/HOA Client

“I never thought I could get my life back in order but now I have the money to pay for all my future treatment. I would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable and persistent team for representation. You will know that Anthony’s passion for helping people is real within 5 minutes of meeting him.”

Toxic Mold Client

“Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort in obtaining the settlement on my behalf. It’s not often that I have met and worked with such a passionate, dedicated and focused team such as yourselves. Your attention is 100% customer and goal oriented. On behalf of myself and my family I want you to know we were fortunate to have you on our side”

Toxic Mold Client

San Diego Mold Lawyers

Trust in attorneys who will stand by your side against the biggest opponent. With every mold damage case there is someone who has been hurt and is seeking justice. When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to find a personal injury attorney with experience and success in finding victory for his clients. Thompson Injury Law was established in San Diego in 1976 and has a history of success helping the little guy face big corporations and insurance companies. We have experienced toxic mold attorneys who specialize in mold growth and mold exposure cases that help people who deserve compensation.

Why hire US? Experience IN MOLD CASES.

We got into this industry because we have a desire to help people. We don’t see clients as a case to be won. We see clients as people who deserve justice and need guidance in order to go up against colossal opponents. We have a team of experienced attorneys who have been working closely with each client to find the right path to success since 1976. At Thompson Injury Law, our goal as a firm is to stand up to large corporations, and any other giants for the benefit of people.


There are many myths about mold growth and mold exposure. Don’t let your landlord or HOA pull the wool over your eyes. Your case might be more serious than you think. Cases based on mold and water damage are extremely complicated and are defended vigorously by insurance companies. You need all the ammunition you can get. The most successful cases are are won before the case is filed.

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Our Commitment to Public Safety

Our firm is dedicated to making San Diego a safer place to live and work. By holding parties accountable for unsafe conditions through personal injury lawsuits, our San Diego mold attorneys help safeguard others from having to experience the same trauma our clients have faced.