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What Are The Common Molds Found in Water Damaged Buildings And Homes?

After water intrusion, mold and fungi can begin to grow within 24 hours.  Mold testing can assist in identifying the type and quantity of mold generally found in impaired indoor environments.  The most common types of mold are as follows: Stachybotrys (so called “Black Mold”) Aspergillus Penicillium Chaetomium Fusarium Mold can hurt you in three […]

Construction Defects In New Residential Construction Can Cause Water Damage and Mold

Contrary to popular belief, Californians spend a majority of their time indoors.  Consequently, we are exposed to a lot of different pollutants in the air.  The EPA estimates that our indoor home environment can be up to 200 times as polluted as the outdoor environment.  One of the leading causes of indoor pollutants is water […]

Landlords Held To A Higher Standard In San Diego Residential Mold Cases

Many landlords in San Diego think all they have to do is collect rent and that ends their obligation to you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, California holds landlords to an extremely high standard when it comes to the welfare and safety of their tenants.  Unfortunately, many landlords think tenant health […]

California Department of Health Makes Statement On Health And Mold

In September 2011, the California Department of Public Health released an important statement concerning the relationship between damp indoor environments, mold and health concerns.  For San Diego tenants who are suffering from poor health because of compromised indoor air quality this is an important finding. The CDPH concluded that “the presence of water damage, dampness, […]

Does Your Child Have Asthma? Do You Smell A Musty Odor? You Might Have Mold!

Despite our advances in medicine, more and more children are developing asthma. One of the leading contributors to asthma development is water damaged environments.  Water damaged environments may then lead to mold growth which may then lead to asthma development or exacerbation. In the United States, more than six million children have asthma.  While genetics […]

Is Your Family At Risk Of Toxic Mold Exposure?

San Diego Mold Attorney – Best Mold Attorney As a San Diego mold attorney, I know there is a lot of information out there about the health effects of mold and who is most likely to be effected. Most of it, we must say, is poor information. So-called toxic mold can effect you in a […]

What Are The Dangers Of Toxic Mold?

San Diego Mold Lawyer – Best Mold Lawyer As a San Diego mold lawyer, I can tell you that a lot has been written about “toxic mold” and “black mold.” In this post I wanted to discuss some of the dangers of so-called “toxic mold.” Now, Stachybotrys is the species of mold that everyone generally […]

Types Of Mold And Health Effects

Mold Lawyer in San Diego – If you have been following our little blog, you will know that mold can cause serious health effects. But how do you know what you should be looking out for. Many homeowners and renters go out and get mold reports, which we highly recommend, but they don’t know how […]

Some Preventative Tips For Curtailing Mold After A Flood

La Jolla Mold Lawyer – Mold grows on most porous and semi-porous materials such as wood, drywall and sheet rock. But mold also grows on furniture, clothing, books and other household items. Given the right conditions, usually moisture, fungus will produce spores that are harmful to your health. As mold lawyers, the majority of our clients […]

Got A Musty Odor? Are You Sick? You Have Mold In Your Home.

San Diego Mold Lawyers – Mold can hurt you in a number of different ways. First, if you inhale the spores you may be ingesting mycotoxins which can cause numerous and serious health effects. Second, the spores may function as a irritant causing general allergic type reactions and upper respiratory symptoms. Third, mold emits a […]