Mold Exposure And A Plan Of Attack

Mold Lawyer in San Diego – if you suspect your San Diego residence or place of employment has mold, this preliminary plan wil get you started.

1. Take Pictures

You need to take pictures of anything that even remotely looks like mold. You will also want to take pictures of water damaged areas. When taking the pictures, make sure to take two of each. One that is a close-up and another that gives a perspective of the location. Also photograph any items of personal property that have been damaged by mold or fungus.

2. Make An Inventory

Document all the items of personal property that have been damaged and what you believe the current values to be. Also write down any out of pocket expenses such a moving costs, hotel bills, cleaning costs etc..

3. Have The Property Tested

It is extremely important to verify the type and levels of mold in your home. We recommend you undertake ALL of the following for complete results.

Air Sampling – this provides a picture of what the air looks like in your room at the given moment in time. It can also identify the type of mold in the air, if any.

Swab Sampling – even if there is no mold in the air at that given time you may still have a mold problem. Swab sampling finds out the type of mold and its concentration on porous and semi-porous materials.

Dust Sampling – lastly, and was is becoming most important, is dust sampling. This is a do-it-yourself test that is shipped to a lab. You vacuum a sample from your carpet or flooring and send it to a lab. I would highly encourage people to undertake this test.

4. Seek Medical Advice

Allergy/Immunology – you need to get tested to see if you are allergic to mold and/or dust mites.

Blood Testing – blood testing can reveal certain allergies to mold as well as certain mycotoxins in the blood.

VCS Testing – this is an inexpensive way to see if exposure to toxins is effecting you neurologically.

Neuro-Psychology – if you are experiences cognitive issues after exposure to mold such as ADD, brain fog, memory loss and chronic fatigue you see a qualified professional to examine your brain and see how it has been effected by the mold exposure.

5. Document All Communications

Wether you are communicating with a landlord, HOA, property manager or real estate agent, you want to get everything in WRITING. If you speak with a neighbor or another witness go inside the house and write down what that person said noting the date and time. All communications giving the responsible party notice of mold and/or water damage MUST be in writing.

6. Call An Experienced Mold Attorney

We at the Law Office of Harold D. Thompson are San Diego Mold Lawyers who will vigorously fight against the insurance companies to make sure you get the compensation your deserve. If you believe that you or someone you know has been effected by toxic mold call a San Diego County Mold Lawyer that will fight for your rights. Call us TODAY at 619.615.0767 or visit our website

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