California Homeowners Sue Over Construction Defects Leading To Mold

San Diego Mold Lawyer – Buyers of Skyline Homes Inc.’s manufactured houses have filed a class action in federal court, accusing the builder of failing to install protective sheeting under siding and reneging on warranty protections. Mitchell v. Skyline Homes, Inc., No. 2:09-CV-02241 (E.D. Calif.).

The action was filed in June in the Sacramento County (Calif.) Superior Court and was removed in August to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. Plaintiffs filed an amended, eight-count complaint in federal court on Dec. 22.

Christina Mitchell and other plaintiffs say they have suffered water intrusion, mold, wood rot and other ills since purchasing homes constructed by Skyline, which is based in Folsom, Calif. Further, some Plaintiffs are already experiencing effects of mold exposure. Mold generally only take 24 hours to incubate.

Skyline sold a total of 2,712 homes in fiscal year 2009, ranging in size from 400 to 1,600 square feet, according to plaintiffs.

Homes typically are constructed with an asphalt-coated paper or felt barrier, or plastic sheet material, attached to the structure beneath any siding materials. Such barriers typically cost between $300 and $500 for materials and labor and their absence can result in thousands of dollars in damage to the homes, according to the amended complaint.

Plaintiffs fear that based on the inherent design flaws that home will be riddled with water damage, mold and fungus.

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