California Homeowners Sue Over Construction Defects Leading To Mold

San Diego Mold Lawyer – Buyers of Skyline Homes Inc.’s manufactured houses have filed a class action in federal court, accusing the builder of failing to install protective sheeting under siding and reneging on warranty protections. Mitchell v. Skyline Homes, Inc., No. 2:09-CV-02241 (E.D. Calif.). The action was filed in June in the Sacramento County […]

Mold Attorneys Can Help You Interpret Your Mold Report

La Jolla Mold Lawyer – One of the main components of a successful mold litigation case is the mold report or sometimes referred to as the indoor air quality report. Not only is the outcome important but the manner in which the report is taken is also important. Mold Inspector If you anticipate proceeding with […]

State Of California Guidelines For Mold Remediation

California has issued some guidelines for what homeowners and renters should do if they discover or suspect they have mold in their residences. No one with a compromised immune system, a history of respiratory problems or who is sick should participate in any mold remediation. The source of moisture must be identified and all areas […]

Does Bleach Really Kill Mold?

Rancho Santa Fe Mold Attorney – The short answer is yes but with a major catch. If you take a quick look at what Clorox says about using their bleach to clean mold you will see they say it is only effective on non-porous surfaces such as counter-tops and shower walls. Well, the majority of […]

Mick Jagger’s Ex-Wife Sues Her Landlord For Toxic Mold

In 2001, noted human rights activist and ex-wife of Rolling Stone lead singer, Bianca Jagger, noticed that her health was beginning to change. Her eyes were red and watery and she was experiencing increased headaches. Then, the symptoms increased. She noticed she had difficulty breathing. She felt like she had the flu all the time. […]

That Cold You Have This Winter Might Be Because Of Mold.

If you have had a cold this winter season you will certainly recognize many of the symptoms – coughing, congestion, stuffy or runny nose, fever and headache. But, many, if not all of these symptoms could be because of mold exposure. It is really very important that you have your property tested by a specialist. […]

“Sleep Number” Faces Lawsuit Over Allegations Of Toxic Mold

In the middle of 2009, a group of individuals filed a lawsuit in San Jose against Select Comfort Corporation saying that the company’s Sleep Number beds have a defect that can lead to mold growth. The lawsuit also alleges that Select Comfort was aware of the defect and tried to hide it rather than have […]

Board of Equalization Building Closes Due To Mold Concerns

In Sacramento, the Board of Equalization was closed because of a pipe burst. The pipe lead to the flooding of the entire first floor. All California state workers were given two days of paid leave while the water was being cleaned up. Before the flood, workers had been repairing a pipe when a valve malfunctioned. […]

ABC News Reports On One Family’s Struggle With Toxic Mold Exposure

It’s a story that so many Americans are facing these days: toxic mold. For Jason and Kerri Brown it wasn’t so much of a story as nightmare. The Brown family, which included their two year old daughter, had just purchased a foreclosed, five-bedroom home, in the Appalachian Mountains. They began renovations on the home. While […]

Mold Movie Provides First Hand Account Of Mold Exposure

Early in 2009, Michael Roland Williams and Karin Noseff set out to create a film that documented their struggles with mold exposure. That film would become Black Mold Exposure: A Sick Story. Both Williams and Noseff were unknowingly exposured to high levels of mold in Noseff’s apartment. They later found out that the entire 264 […]