California Department of Health Makes Statement On Health And Mold

In September 2011, the California Department of Public Health released an important statement concerning the relationship between damp indoor environments, mold and health concerns.  For San Diego tenants who are suffering from poor health because of compromised indoor air quality this is an important finding.

The CDPH concluded that “the presence of water damage, dampness, visible mold, or mold odor in schools, workplaces, residences, and other indoor environments is unhealthy.”

Further, the CDPH cautions against using mold testing as a barometer for measuring the risk to you and your family.  Instead, they recommend that if you in a water damaged building and/or there is a strong musty odor, you should consider it a health hazard and have the property properly remediated right away!

Finally, based on recent medical data, the CDPH concludes that the known health risks of exposure to damp indoor environments includes:

1. the development of asthma, allergies, and respiratory infections;

2. the triggering of asthma attacks; and

3. increased wheeze, cough, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms.

Based on available studies, the research indicates that children have a higher likelihood of developing severe health effects than adults.  Some evidence suggests, though not conclusive, that the more pervasive the water damage and musty odor the greater the health risks to you and your family.

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